Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love (summer time edition)...

How perfect he is.

How perfect she is.

Barefeet and grass meet up's.


My fishermen two.

The conductor of the sea.

My white sunglasses.

He makes them cooler.

My $6 walmart watch makes me feel hip.

Chalkboards on the kitchen floor.

Birthday magnets and birthday art.

How grown up he is. Until bedtime.  He's still tiny at bedtime.

Oh hey...

Yeah I just noticed the date on my last post.  Did that say May 24th?  No.  That can't be right.  Looks like ol' Blogger is making mistakes right and left.

Ok so it's possible I have been gone for awhile.  It is possible.  And for those wondering, I'll tell you where I've been - I've been in no more cast, two 20 month old babies, everyone and their mom is in town, trying to keep up, never stop baking, summer time, fun   That's where I've been.

But I sure have missed it around here.

Since I started this blog, in part, because of Charlie and her surgeries and spica casts, let's start there.

June 6th was a really big day for us.  It was the end of the year and a half long journey we started in correcting Charlie's legs.  After being born with her knees being hyper extended (bent in the opposite direction) and having her feet literally at her ears as a result of her legs being dislocated from her hips, Charlie underwent three corrective surgeries.  From those surgeries she was put in a total of five spica casts.  And on June 6th, after cutting tendons and putting in metal plates, the last cast came off.  She was done.  We (SHE) had made it!  It was a day that was about as great as the day my kids were born.  Finally we could start looking forward to first steps and Charlie getting a chance to get her brother back after all those times he took her toys and ran off.  She could go get them back.  And we knew Davey would be glad she did.  He wanted to walk and run with his sister. They were meant to do that together.

Ready for this dirty thing to come off...

Ok so she's a little young to understand that taking a power saw to her leg is actually going to be a good thing.

That bright yellow patch there at the bottom right...yeah, thats cheese.  So...there's that.

I know, I know, this is a sad sight to see, but it's over!  Remember that.  And babies bounce back quick...

Told you!

Every day since June 6th has been remarkable.  I swear.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I'd be lying if I said the 18 months we went through to get here were easy.  But none of that matters now.  We're bending those knees, we're smiling, we're laughing, we're having early symptoms of terrible two's, we're eating mac and cheese, and we're living life.  Who cares how we got here?  We're here!

Don't stop belivin', you guys.