Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm sprung on spring

I know, I know...I keep pointing out how bad I am about blogging and then I continue to be.  What is that?  At least I can say it's because I've just been hanging out more with the kiddos.  Especially with the new spring weather that's been so incredibly kind to us.  Long walks in the wonderful sunshine have started to replace blogging.  And I mean, really...can you blame me?

We've also finally be scheduled for Charlie's final hip surgery.  Wahoo!  It's bittersweet.  I'm so glad that this could potentially be the last surgery (besides a small surgery to remove the plates from her hips when she's about 4), and I'm so glad that starting this summer, we'll be making steps towards, well, steps!  Charlie's steps!  I assure you she will waste no time learning to do all the things her brother is already learning.  I give it a month.  The downside to all of this is the obvious - back to being in a cast.  She did remarkably well in her last cast and only had to stay in it for 6 weeks as opposed to 10 like we originally thought.  So we'll keep all fingers and toes crossed that we'll have the same luck again.  Either way, this should be it.  As hard as it is to see this beautiful little butterball with scars all over her sweet little legs and hips, I cannot tell you how amazing it will be when she starts walking.  I can bet money that I will turn into a puddle at the sight of it. 

April 15th is the surgery.  I'll have to go down there alone.  Joe's staying home with Davey on the actual day of the surgery and then coming down the day after to stay in the hospital with us.  I've managed to keep it together moderately well through her last surgeries, but it could have been because Joe was there with me.  Without him there, who knows how I'll be.  Stronger?  Weaker?  It's stuff like this that makes you really thankful to have a partner.  You know there's someone there to be the stronger person when you can't be.  I have to say that I have one of the best partners.  Ever.

With all of that said, I've really just been trying to let my new running baby, Diamond Dave, go free and my sweet little Charlie Bird enjoy her castless first days of spring time.  All barefoot and dirty and wonderful.  I can smell sweat in Davey's hair and Charlie's little knees are grass stained and scraped.  It's insanely perfect.

April 15th is going to suck.  There's no two ways about it.

But until then
it's spring outside.
Let's go play.


  1. New Albany has had snow this week, and it is currently about 40. Tomorrow the high is 47 and the low is 32 with snow flurries. But Thursday, it goes all the way up to 50!

    Chilly Mama (whose website by the way is www.mamatravels.info, should you decide to add it. Very interesting!

  2. Hannah sent me a message that it was snowing on Saturday! Meanwhile we were all in shorts! It has been chilly the past few days, but jacket weather chilly. Not snow on the ground chilly. Stay warm, mom!

    After long and careful consideration, I finally decided to add a link to your page. Congratulations! Ha :)