Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still sound

Im running out of post titles so from here on out they'll probably just be whatever song I'm currently listening to as I type here.  Deal?  Deal.

I went running again today.  Yeah!  It's only been 4 days so I guess that's not something to celebrate just yet.  Or maybe it is.  Hell, I'll be glass is half full.  I made it to day four and I'm awesome!  I guess because I've been a runner before, it's hard not to be frustrated with how sore and out of shape I am.  I plan to just keep on running forever and never stopping again.  I really hate this retraining thing.  But I'm loving the time alone and the fresh air and getting to enjoy my surroundings more everyday.  I get why my kids are so quiet and mesmerized everytime we go for a walk.  There's a lot to see in all this nothing around us.

In other more baby related news, today we received our latest book from Grandma (my mom)!  My mom's been sending books to the kids each month.  As a retired librarian, if there's one thing she's going to make sure these kids have, it's going to be books and more books.  I say bring it on!  What I really love is that she's been mixing books from my childhood in with other, newer books.  I love all of the books she's sent so far and we immediately read them as soon as they come out of the box.  But when I see one from when I was a kid I'm almost teleported to a time when I was sitting and having it read to me.  All of a sudden it's like there's three little kids huddled around this favorite book.  We ALL can't wait to see what's on the next page! Today's book was one of those books from my childhood.  A very important one.  One I still have memorized.

Today we got Madeline.

Davey was taking a nap through all of this so Charlie got to be the first to read it.  Hope she's not a total spoiler alert for her bro.

Today's been a pretty great day.  I'm thankful that I had time to run and that my sweet babies slept the whole time and beyond.  I'm thankful that my husband stayed in the house with them so I could grab that time to take care of myself.  And I'm thankful for this skim milk string cheese I'm chowing down on. 

There were some pictures I meant to put up with yesterday's post, but time got the best of me.

Have I mentioned I love where we live?  And my family, have I mentioned how much I love them?  And our walks?  If I haven't, I love them so.


  1. I love the image of the flowers! Send it to me. I'll make prints.

    Also, could you see if you could talk some sense into my body and make it run? Its having a hard time with it.

  2. That picture of them on their walk is my new lock screen background.

  3. The one of them at the aquarium at the zoo is my background.