Friday, February 4, 2011

Break out the Kleenex...

If you have a baby, or one on the way, or none at all, it's still heartbreaking to hear about a baby going through surgery.  Having to witness some of the things Charlie has had to go through with her condition has been really tough.  We're halfway done with only one more corrective surgery to go.  And we're so happy for that.  Still, we see the scars (there's four, all very painful to look at) everyday, with every diaper change or bath.  We see what our baby, this little tiny, wonderful baby girl, has had to endure.  It's tough.  I can't lie, Joe and I get emotional about it still.  But she toughs it out every day.  She makes US look like the babies.  She's so strong.  I read about my friends who have 10 month olds who are already starting to walk and I see videos of their babies taking first steps.  I'm so happy for all of my friends and their walking babies!  It's wonderful to see.  But I don't envy them either.  Instead I just watch my girl, knowing all she's been through and what she's got left, and I can't help but tear up in...I don't know...admiration I guess, when I see her take even the smallest steps...

It's important to just be happy with who YOU are, with what YOU can do, and to know that YOU, just like Charlie, are capable of strength and abilty beyond what you can even imagine. Push it, believe, don't dream it, be it.

Thank you, Charlie and Davey both, for inspiring me.


  1. I imagine your home to be a place full of good music, the smells of fresh baked foods, and the sounds of babies laughing.

  2. They are both so inspiring. Each of them inherited such tenacity and zest for life. I see it in every photo or video you post, and all the beautiful, honest words you write. You and Joe have created a loving, warm home for them to grow.

  3. It's so funny to me when I stop by to make a comment and see that Carey has stolen my thunder (once again)

    She said it best.
    Your kids are champs. Silly, smiley, dancing champs.

    I gather your kids are SO lucky to have each other. I imagine them years from now, Charlie and her refusal to concede defeat and Davey by her side, supporting and learning from her.