Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I love (adore even...)

1.  Bread crust crowns.  Davey is the sandwich king!

2.  This face of Charlie's. She's been going through expression phases.  She's so animated.  Last week it was opening her mouth as wide as she could.  This week is scrunching her face up really tight.  Funny girl.

3.  Charlie is the messiest eater and Davey keeps his food organized.  Does that seem backwards?  They break stereotypes.  Don't put'm in a box.

4.  My dreams are coming truer everyday.  Look at that curly hair.  Little corkscrews all over.  Davey has the nice neat curly while Charlie's are as wild as she is.  Im so in love.

5.  Miss Priss bunny I made yesterday.  She is modeled after my vision of what Charlie will be at 3.  Although I have a feeling she'll be far from prissy given the previous photos in this post...

1 comment:

  1. Charlie's hair is killing me! And that face...there are no words.