Thursday, February 24, 2011

When it rains

That expression has a way of being true so often in my life.  Yesterday it happened both literally and figuratively.  Not every day can have the perfect stride.  Truth be told, I've been pretty blessed with good day after good day here lately.  After a weekend with their grandparents (both sets) both of the babies were separated from us and from each other and they both had their batteries recharged by the time they got home.  Suddenly a flow came back to our home.  With 15 month olds, most of the days of being up every night are gone.  There's teething still and baby mares (not baby horses, nightmares...ha!) and the occasional midnight poo that Charlie is just not cool with.  But all in all those moments have passed.   Still, to have two consecutive weeks of straight good behavior, consistent 2-3 hour naps every day and consistent 11-12 hours of sleep each night, I'd say I've hit something of a jackpot.  So the universe was due to balance itself out.

I mean it wasn't my worst day (reference that day I went to Jackson for Charlie's brace).  And they still took a 3 hour nap.  But they were so cranky when they were awake!  Davey seems to be going through a fussy period which could be growth spurt stuff or teething stuff or Charlie's all up in his face stuff.  Either way he whined like a champ yesterday.  And when I wouldn't let him throw all of the dvd's off of their shelves, he tore my "ABC"'s off of the wall and ripped them up.  It's pushing it to think a 15 month old did this on purpose.  But I think he might have.  There was biting and crying and milk spilled every where.  It was hard to keep up.  Meanwhile I was dealing with our new cell phone company who have dragged us through the mud for a solid 2 weeks now and I still have no cell phone in my hand.  I'm not good at being aggressive or angry.  But I may have mastered it yesterday.  I finally get that joke from Community about Britta being "the AT&T of people".  TOTALLY makes sense. 

When I just couldn't get the kids to chill, I put them in the stroller and started off on a nice walk down our hill.  And of course as soon as I got to the bottom of our hill a sudden down pour came out of no where.  Have you ever pushed a double stroller with twins (about 50lbs all together) up a steep gravel hill while running?  Me either.  It sucks.  I feel like I probably don't even have to tell you that.

But I got them fed and bathed and in the bed by 7pm, I let JLo on American Idol make me cry even though I swore after I saw Selena in 9th grade that I wouldn't let her do it again,  and I ate my sugar free Jello Pudding (I know...I live the coolest life).  I got in bed at 9pm, fully ready to let go of this day and start over tomorrow.  But in true the universe hates me fashion, 11pm - Davey screaming bloody murder which wakes up Charlie who starts screaming bloody murder and 2 and a half hours later I finally am able to drag myself back to bed.  This doesn't happen often anymore and after last night, I am kissing and hugging and thanking my babies for that.  It sucks worse than that gravel hill thing.

Today is a new day, however.  And while the weatherman predicts a huge thunderstorm this evening, things around here are pretty swell.  My kids are in a great mood after a fat nap and a big lunch and since I've pushed naptime a little later in the day, we can now coast for the next 4 hours before dinner, bath, bed.  And it's Thursday, dudes.  That can only mean one thing - MY SHOWS, mane.  My shows. 

Yep, today it might rain, but we're staying nice and dry.


  1. Man oh man! It's a good thing all that awesome stuff went on before this day! Life is like that huh? Tries to butter you up so that way you don't totally squash it when the shit hits the fan.

    I'm gonna send you a rain coat. Spring is coming...which promises lots of rain and then FLOWERS! :D

  2. rain coats are divine. i keep reminding myself to get rain boots for the kids. i have a feeling davey's going to want to start splashing in the mud ASAP.