Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafty thang

I've been a bad blogger, man!  But in my defense I've been (once again) sick with some horrible looming sinus crud while also trying to enjoy this recent miracle that came to us in the form of sunny, 70 degree weather this week.  On top of that, I've been really trying to stock up my apron inventory as well as other items for other stores.  That's a pretty good defense, yeah?

I don't want to wish time or winter away, but I guess I'm officially joining the masses now that I know what I've been missing.  This week has been nothing short of beautiful.  Today is a little cloudy but its still springy.  We've gone walking everyday (in fact I think we'll go again right after I post this).  The kids have been sleeping better, having lost their cabin fever.  I've seen daffodils pondering the idea of making an early appearance.  There's one just outside our screened porch that's been keeping me in suspense all week. 

In the meantime I've got these to satisfy any spring flower cravings:

My husband loves me.  Or at least he did on Monday!

Anyway, on to the craftyness.  Apparently my itch for spring inspired some of my fabric choices.  Also, I had a 50s-60s type thing going on when I was shopping for fabric the other day.  Who knows where these things come from.  I just know what I like.

The full apron might have to stay home with me.  At least long enough for me to make an apple pie.


  1. you definitely have to bake an apple pie in the last one. amazing. I'm loving the 50s ditsy print vibe as well and the ruffles! how long does it take you to make a half apron/full apron?

  2. it generally takes about 30-45 minutes for a half apron and 1-1.5 hours to make a full. finding that time is the real trick. joe is the only way im able to keep this thing i love. plain and simple.

  3. "My husband loves me. Or at least he did on Monday!"

    hahahahahahah. Awesome.
    Glad to see Joe is helping you find the time for crafts.