Thursday, February 3, 2011

My kids may very well be total weirdos

It's my fault, though.  Genetics with an added touch of them just watching my every day behavior.  Pre-destined weirdos.  But they're funny weirdos!  I spend a large portion of my day laughing.  What else can you do? 

My mom tells this story about me as a baby.  I liked to "bump" pretty much non stop.  "Bumping" was the act of me rocking while bumping my head and back against something.  She talks about how I'd fall asleep doing it and she'd come in my room and simply say "Lay down, Maggie" and in my sleep, I'd lay down.  How creepy does that sound?!  My favorite "bumping" story is the time i was bumping in the crib one night and my mom had gone to lie down herself.  She heard this horrible crash coming from my room and thought the worst - someone had broken through the window in my room and they were coming to steal me (I'm sure I was a super steal-able baby.  I'm adorable!).  But as she ran into my room, there I was, on the floor, in a pile of broken crib, still bumping.  I'd bumped so much that I eventually broke my crib. 

To this day I still rock back and forth, particularly if I'm nervous.  Which is all the time.  I'm a very nervous person.

And it would seem I've passed my habits on to my kids:

Though Davey is the only one bumping in this video, Charlie is also known to bump a lot as well. When she's not being filled by the Holy Spirit:


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