Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow and Ice and everythings NIIIIICE

This winter has easily given us Mississippi folks the most snow I've ever seen in my entire life.  This includes two major snows, both with 6-8" of snow!  It's been pretty major.  Of course, given that we don't get a lot of snow and given that a lot of our snow is less powder and more ice, the snow has lost its magical effect on most everyone down here.  I certainly look forward to the spring like everyone else.  I look forward to getting the kids out of the house and onto some swings at the park.  I look forward to the kiddie pool in the summer and using the screened in porch more. 

But for the next several weeks, it's still winter.  And yesterday was a not so subtle reminder of that.  The snow started around 11:30am and kept going past 9pm.  I opened the curtains on the big window in the living room and the kids kept crawling up to the ledge and staring out at the snow in complete amazement.  So I felt I had no choice but to bundle them up and let them enjoy this rare occasion.

Oh what fun it is...

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