Sunday, December 19, 2010

Animals are my friends!

We don't watch a ton of tv in our house, but with Charlie in her current state, it's good to have a few baby friendly dvds on hand.  There's only so many ways you can entertain a child while she's immobile.  I've got 4 or 5 kids dvds that we've used before when it's about 5pm, both kids are teething and screaming and we're just trying to hold them off till bedtime.  Yo Gabba Gabba is one of those dvds.  Now, a lot of my friends with kids love this show.  They have fun guests (like Elijah Wood, Jack Black...) and good bands that do fun songs (like The Shins, The Little Ones...).  But after watching it, it's still, I dare say, super annoying.  I mean I get how it's awesome to a kid.  It's bright and colorful and cheery and it encourages eating your veggies and brushing your teeth and wearing a helmet when you skateboard and apologizing when you knock over someones sand castle.  I appreciate the lessons and the way Yo Gabba Gabba goes about teaching it to kids.  But it's annoying.  Having never really done drugs, I can't see it's appeal for an adult either.

That being said, they do occasionally have cartoons and songs on Yo Gabba Gabba that I do like.  "There's a Party in My Tummy" being one of them.  "Be Nice To Animals!" is my favorite though.  It's awesome.  And adorable.  And I'd listen to it on my iPod daily if I ever had the time to just sit and listen to my iPod.

Anyway, here it is. 

(To my sister, Rachel, if you're reading this, I know this will be your new all time favorite song ever.  So you're welcome.)


  1. but bears are my friends, toooo.
    Aww i love it! My nephews love Yo Gabba Gabba though my sister in law thinks they are crazy. Then I meet other adults who love it insanely. I've never watched a full episode but I hear it's better than a lot of other shows out there for kids...or at least I really like the "lessons" they teach. I keep trying to find what time Sesame Street comes on here. I want to watch it every day! But I haven't seen a recent episode in say... ten years!

  2. ps. do you mind if I write a blog post about your little family and new blog? :)

  3. i dont mind at all! thats too sweet! lurv it.

    sesame street comes on (here anyway) at 10am. its way different now. i have the first few seasons on dvd and we watch those.

    i shouldnt be mean about yo gabba gabba. theres an episode with chromeo thats pretty awesome. theres a lot of things i like about it. but it can be a bit much some times. its not made for me. its made for them. climbing off my mountain of judgement now.

  4. I bought the 25th anniversary special for nathan last year. I love that! Definitely will have to get the originals for our little one. I love old Sesame Street.