Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What the what

Alright, maybe it's the lack of sleep.  Maybe I'm just a little too stressed and too tired to really handle any sort of annoyance at all.  But what the crap is this about?!

Why in God's name would you cram that soap dispenser so tightly behind the motion sensor towel dispenser?  Why? Is it funny to make paper towels shoot out into the sink while someones trying to reach uncomfortably for some friggin soap to wash their hands?  I submit it is not funny.  It is annoying and stupid.  Eli Manning put a lot of money into this hospital.  Im gonna tell his big dumb face what you guys did when you put this sink in.  He's gonna be so mad.  I mean you probably won't be able to tell.  He'll just have that mouth half open dumb stare on his face, but on the inside, flames.  FLAMES.

Im just saying its dumb.  This is dumb. 

Im tired.


  1. Eli Manning does have a dumb face.

  2. I'm laughing at this post. Just wanted you to know!