Sunday, December 19, 2010

There's no place like home

There really, really isn't. The past two days have been a lot of Charlie snuggling. And I mean a lot. It's been pretty magical.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Charlie, she is NOT a cuddler. She's completely independent. She never gets rocked to sleep or drinks her sippy cup in your lap. She just wants to do it herself. So it's been a rare treat to have her so needy for her mom. All she wants to do is lay on me and nap and chat and nap again. And while I hate the reason she is so tired, I prefer to look at it is a bright side.

She's still pretty dopey right now, but it's been gradually wearing off. She's definitely a little more lively every day. But things like diaper changes or anytime I pick her up out of her bouncy chair, clearly hurt her. She's still pretty sore and we're giving her loratab 3 or 4 times a day for now. It doesn't totally take her down though. I gave her some about an hour ago and right at this moment she's dancing quite vigorously to "Step Into Christmas" by Elton John. She knows good music.

Speaking of diaper changes, in case you're curious, this is what I'm working with now that she's in a spica cast:

That's not a lot of room, now is it?  Her appetite hasn't returned to normal and might not for awhile so dirty diapers have yet to be a real issue.  I have to change her much more frequently to make sure her cast doesnt get wet.  She also has an incision on the inside of her thigh that can easily get wet so I have to keep that as clean as possible.  It's a challenge, but as time goes by I'm sure we'll master the art.  That or she'll have a cast that always smells like poop.  Let's hope for the first one.  Let's hope really hard, guys.

Dressing her in baby leg warmers and 12-18 month shirts and skirts has been the way to go.  And it's adorable.  My sister sent me some links to some super cute diaper covers so that will help with getting rid of that diaper we have to put on top of the cast to hold the other diaper in place.  We already have twins.  I'm using up enough diapers for triplets!  No thanks.  That's money, dawg.

She can sit in her high chair, but like I said, she has no appetite, so she hasn't been in it often.  She's drinking whole milk now, but I've been throwing oatmeal in the bottle just to make sure she has some food on her tummy, especially since she's taking pain meds.  She loves sitting in her bouncy seat and we got her a bean bag to snuggle in.  She's got a good attitude about it all.  She even stood up today!  The doctor said she could learn to walk in this cast.  I know if she wants to, she will. She's an incredibly determined baby.  That being said, it is beyond all comprehension how she'll do that.  But go for it!

She's a brave little toaster. 

I wish you could see her right at this moment.  Dancing to the Muppets Christmas now.  She's so sweet and well behaved and enjoyable as she claps when Miss Piggy sings "...five goooooooolden rings..."  It is the best part.  I'm glad we share favorites.

Christmas feels merry again.

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  1. I wish I could meet her and Davey! They sound like real charmers, and wonderful amazing adult people to be. She is such a firecracker that girl! I love the updates Maggie! Glad your Christmas spirit is rising. *hugs*