Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back Back Back

We're heading back to Jackson today.  Bleh.  It's just a check up, thankfully.  The doctor wants to do some xrays to make sure Charlie's leg is staying in the hip socket like it should.  Seriously, when I describe what she's gone through, with the putting her leg into it's socket, cutting the bone, putting a plate in her hip...doesnt it sound awful?  Grown up me would be a TOTAL baby about all this.  I guess thats the silver lining.  Babies don't care so much.  The don't know how to milk it just yet.  Babies aren't total babies about things.  Ha. Weird.

The upside to this trip is that I'll actually get to do a little Christmas shopping today!  I haven't Christmas shopped yet.  What's today?  Oh, yeah, it's the 23rd.  PLENTY of time.  Geeeeez.  I'm so glad my family is on board with a simple Christmas this year.  With all the stress surrounding everyone, why add more?  Gift buying is really nice, I know.  But at this point it's just intense pressure.  And it's making me feel guilty.  Cue the Christmas spirit, please!  Ok. 

I don't have any current pictures to post of the babies because Davey is with Joe's parents since we have an early morning and Charlie is enjoying Yo Gabba Gabba in her bouncy chair.  If I try to sneak in the living room to take a picture of her, she'll see me, and thus the seperation anxiety will rear it's ugly head and she'll cry all morning, every time I leave the room.

So I'll post an older picture, because I want to post pictures of my kids.  They are the best.  Show'm off, yo!

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  1. i wrote this really sweet don't worry about buying presents, you're a present enough to everyone blah blah blah and i guess i didn't put in the secret password b/c it didn't post it. poooooooooop!
    well, you get the gist of it.

    how's chuck? is she staying all together and what not? i hope so. i can't wait to come visit you guys sometime soon!