Thursday, December 30, 2010


The kids are watching Yo Gabba Gabba (the Happy! episode) while eating their snacks so I've snuck away to blog.  Is that absentee parenting, by the way?  I mean they haven't watched it all day.  They've spent the majority of their time in the play room, playing with each other.  Then they napped, had lunch, and now we're having snack time.  Why do I feel so guilty when I turn the tv on?  I don't let them watch constantly.  Just get off my back, cricket.

We've had such a good little day and a half.  I wish I were feeling better.  I wish the kids were too.  But we all take it in stride.  Because we are so very brave and awesome. 

If that's not making lemonade out of lemons, I don't know what is.  These kids...they sure are happy/sweet/perfect/ohmygodilovethem.

Also on an unrelated but at one time it was related note, I made a post earlier about treating myself better.  But I'm sick right now.  So how do I dress to make myself feel better?

$5 Walmart Pajama shirt, yall!  At least I'm clean.  As indicated by the shower that is obviously behind me.  Im a kick-a photographer. Geez...I could've at least, ya know, pulled the shower curtain closed.  Dumb.