Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gun show

Let me just say, this is not me showing off.  I am grossed out by how big my arms have gotten thanks to having twins.  That's a lot of lifting.  And I know it's probably not even that impressive to anyone else, but I'm not an athletic girl.  I used to run and still try to, sure.  That's running.  Nothing to do with arms.  I think that last, stubborn, 4 or 5 pounds of baby weight I need to lose is in my dang arms.  The babies will only get heavier, though.  And while Davey should be walking soon, Charlie won't be and she's got 3 extra pounds of cast on her.  So the gun show will be around till at least this summer.  Get your tickets.  Call the vet - these puppies are sick (dad).

(P.S. Please ignore how trashy the room behind me is.  It's the guest room/sewing room.  Aka the only room that never gets cleaned.  Poor little room...)

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