Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Bonanza!!!

That's what I'd call this year's Christmas.  A bonanza.  A bonkers bananas bonanza.

Where to start?

Well, why not start with Christmas Eve.  We were all supposed to go to Joe's family get together that they have every Christmas Eve.  I missed it last year because the babies were way too small and fragile to get out of the house in the cold.  I mean they were like 4 and 5 pounds.  Uh, wee tiny, yeah?  They are no longer fragile.  I've checked.  I wouldn't say I've dropped them to see.  Wait.  I wouldn't say I've intentionally dropped them to see.  I'm kidding.  Ish. 

I was really glad I was going to get to go to the get together this year.  I really love Joe's family.  They are almost literally like a giant hug.  All of'm.  If I was looking for the Christmas spirit, it was going to be at this gathering.  But all of a sudden people started dropping like flies.  Our two little cousins were throwing up from flu and Joe's poor sister was coming down with some flu like stuff of her own.  Sickness was every where.   People in Walmart were in masks.  It was like a store full of Michael Jacksons (RIP).  So Joe and I felt it was in the best interest of the kids to take them home and keep them away from any chance of getting sick, especially with Charlie in a cast.  I stayed home with them and they were safe from germs.  Or so we thought.  Christmas morning, 1:30am.  Charlie and Davey both wake up screaming.  Charlie was in pain from her hip.  I went into Davey's room to get him.  Immediately, with the lights off and everything, I knew he was sick.  He sounded awful.  Like he'd swallowed a freight train and it was trying to get out.  His temp was 102.  I gave Charlie her pain meds and Davey some tylenol and crossed my fingers for a better morning.  We got up again around 6am.  Stayed in our Christmas pj's and proceeded to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's (Joe's folks).  Davey still sounded pretty bad but his fever had broken.  And Charlie was happy as a lark.  We opened gifts, the kids got spoiled, all was well.  We were ready to make the trek to my parents.  But Davey was getting worse.  He had this terrible barking cough.  It was so painful to hear.  Awful.  Poor baby.  We got to my parents house, opened more gifts.  Davey was getting worse by the minute.  He looked to pitiful.  Worried that Charlie might get what he had, we decided to take Davey to Joe's parents and I'd keep Charlie at our house.  That would keep her safe from germs. 

I gotta stop thinking I can keep them safe from germs.

Fast forward to Monday morning.  Who has a fever?  Charlie and myself.  Luckily, Charlie just had a low grade fever (though she had it all day) and we both just had a cold.  Manageable.  Davey, however, had to go to the ER in Grenada after had several consecutive high fevers, topping out at 103.  He had the croup.  Why have I always thought the croup was more like an expression?  Like, I've got the crud or I've just got a bug.  The croup, yous guys, is, like, a totally real, diagnosable thing.  And apparently it's not so fun.  They gave him steroids and breathing treatments and apparently, he turned into Linda Blair from The Exorcist, when she does that crab walk really fast down the stairs.  He was like David Lee Roth in the 80's.  PAR-TAY!!!

We saw our pediatrician today, all is well, no more need for Davey to dance with the white lady, bye bye meds, hello sleep (we hope).  It was a good Christmas, despite all the fevers.  My favorite part was spending time with my family.  My second favorite part is how spoiled my kids got.  They so deserve it.

Let the apocalypse begin!!!

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