Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Christmas spirit is starting to drain out of me.  How do you stay positive when this fever of Charlie's won't go away and both of us have been sleeping on this thing:

...just how do you stay positive?

I guess you just remember what it's all about.  What you're grateful for.  Why we're here.  Who's making sure we're ok. 

Play it again Linus...


  1. you stay positive b/c you know it's not going to last. you know in a couple days, maybe longer than you thought, but still shortly, your little family will be back together and celebrating christmas. and there are loads of people with good thoughts, prayers and all kinds of whatevers people believe in, believing that charlie will get better and will be able to go home soon.

    it sucks. i wish more than anything i could be down there. i know it's just sitting around doing a bunch of nothing, but still the company helps.

  2. And you have people you have never even met checking many times a day on how you and your little bug are doing!!
    Soon you will be back home making the rest of us mommies look bad with your perfection :)
    Hang in there, and dont feel guilty if you aren't feeling like Christmas.

  3. oh Mama. I'm sorry love. Are you home yet? Has the fever broke? Thinking sweet thoughts for Charile and you.

  4. Thanks friends for all your support! the fever is gone, we are home, life is sweeter everyday. hospitals have a depressing effect on people, but it wears off quickly. our last night there joe and i watched youve got mail while charlie slept peacefully. so it wasnt a total bust :)