Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorite nerd.

Ben Folds is SO COOOOOOOL!  You know it.  I know it. 

I don't know if you watched The Sing-Off over the past few weeks, but as opposed to last year, this year was AWESOME.  So good.  So much talent.  Really worth watching.  One of my favorite groups on the show (and runner up!) was the Nashville group, Street Corner Symphony.  On the finale of the show this past Monday, all of the judges each performed with one of the final four groups.  Ben Folds, who was one of the judges (random but rad), performed his song "Gone" with Street Corner Symphony and it was the epitome of nerdy wonderful awesomeness. 

Love. It.

If thats not a sweet little Christmas gift to all of our hearts and ears, I don't know what is!

Btw, interesting to know, Ben Folds also has Boy/Girl twins.  And that is part of why he and I are the coolness.


  1. Guess what. Those guys are from Jackson. The greatest things come out of Mississippi.

  2. i'll be in jackson TOMORROW!!!!

    that has nothing to do with anything does it...boop.

  3. I LOVEEEEEEE Ben Folds. He's so smart and talented and funny. Love him.

  4. hes also been married 4 times in ten years. not that its any of my biz. im just sayin. thats a lot. thanks wikipedia!