Friday, January 14, 2011

Diaper covers!!!

I'd eventually like to compile a list of tips that I've either gathered from other hip baby moms or learned on my own with Charlie, like I've seen other hip baby blogging moms do.  But for now I'll just point out this one tip for spica casts.  Having a diaper cover is FANTASTIC.  My wonderful sister, Hannah, sent us this one and I'm loving it.  When you're at the hospital, having just gotten the cast on your baby, the nurses might suggest, as a diapering tip, to shove one diaper in the cast as best you can and then put another diaper on over the cast to make sure the diaper doing the work, stays in place.  However, if you're good at math, that means twice as many diapers.  In my case, it's diapers for triplets.  Yes, you can reuse that diaper that goes over the cast SOMETIMES, but a lot of the time, it gets soiled too.  Here's where a diaper cover is super handy!  It's vinyl and wipes clean and having two or three of these in your house will make things A LOT easier.  Plus you can find a lot of cute diaper covers with patterns and colors.  Pants are a hard thing to make work on a spica cast, so if it's warm enough, a cute diaper cover can go with a little dress better than any pair of bottoms! 

These are also great if you're going the cloth diaper route (Carey) and the Thirsties brand (seen here) are really inexpensive.  I believe my sister ordered this one from Target online.  I haven't noticed any in their stores, however. 

LOVE our diaper cover!  Thank you sweet sister aunt lady!!!


  1. did ya'll actually watch the babysitters club or is she just admiring the box?? (c:

  2. i aint gots a vcr. booooooo. she pulled it off the shelf and i let her play with it. i meant to make mention of it in this post but forgot.

  3. BRILLIANT! I wish someone had suggested that to us, mostly for the cute factor. We did adults incontinence pads (always fun to buy when you're 30...) and a diaper, which wasn't too bad expense-wise, but still! I'm almost jealous and will be sharing this tidbit with anyone who will listen!

  4. Yay! That's awesome Maggie! I'm glad you've been able to find so many mom's who have gone through what Charlie is experiencing. It's nice to know someone else is out there, and tips are even better!!

    Diaper covers are so cute anyways!

  5. i've really benefited from so many hip baby momma blogs! i found this tip on one of them a few weeks before charlie had her surgery. the nurses at the hospital actually recommended a poise pad (yeah, i know, it really is embarrassing. when i'm really evil i'll send my husband out for those AND feminine hygene products...bwahaha). so she's got a poise pad in her diaper that we shove into the cast, for extra absorbancy. This the piece system has worked WONDERS for us. I've also found that baking soda works really well for drying out the cast if it gets wet. plus it's helpful if the cast gets itchy.