Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm that person that has 5 million projects swirling around in my head and I generally only get about 2-3 done. I hate that about myself.  I know I have the ability, but the drive is lacking sometimes.  Still, I have a few projects that I'd like to start and I think I might actually get them done.  One is to make a quilt.  I tried my hand at a quilt while I was pregnant.  I still thought I was just having one, so I only made one, and it wasn't up to any professional quilter's standards.  But I love it. 

I really would love to make a bigger quilt. A quilt for family snuggling time.  One we can all get under and watch a movie together when the kids get a little older.  I imagine in the next year or so.  Which is how long it should take me to complete this, or any project.

I've been working on some stuffed animals and trying to make some patterns for some of these little guys.  With spring coming, little bunnies are going to become very popular and I'd love to make some Easter Basket pals! 

Will post pictures of stuffed animals TODAY.

Right after I turbo clean my kitchen and bathroom.  We got new cleaning supplies!!! Celebrate!!!


  1. I love the idea of you making a big quilt. I can totally see Davey and Charlie sitting on the quilt watching movies and eating homemade nachos. So sweet.

  2. Oh I am so like that except I bet you have a billion more original ideas than I do. I love your quilt by the way... I need to get started on mine, though I might take the "easy" way out on it... with no batting and just a cozy backing of some sort.

  3. ooooh...you should gather all your favorite clothes of theirs, that can't be worn anymore and make a quilt out of them. i mean, you can put other fabric in there as well, but i think that would be neat.
    alicia, from the three doodles blog, took all of evie's clothes, that were her favorites, and is making a quilt for ramsey. i thought that was such a cute idea, so she'll always have things that belonged to her sister close by.
    granted, you'd have a much happier reason to use their clothes, but that way you can keep them and not have them stuck away in a box somewhere.