Thursday, January 13, 2011

To do

Things I'd like to accomplish this week and next week:

1.  Dye my hair.  Nothing drastic or anything.  I just need some semi-permanent dye to condition my hair.  It's so dry!  Thanks a lot, winter weather.  And less sarcastically, thanks a lot pony tail holder.  Yous my only friend...

2.  Make some chicken noodle soup for dinner/Joe to take to lunch.  I wanna be the wife that sends him off with a bag lunch everyday.  Maybe even with a note inside.

3.  Order some oil cloth so I can MAKE a lunch bag for Joe Joe.

4.  Start making plans to re-do the guest room/Charlie's room.  I plan to put the kids back together in a room when they move to their big kids beds, but that's still a bit down the road and I'd like for Charlie's space to be a little less...sad.  It's kinda sad.

5.  GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Stupid snow.  I'm just kidding, snow.  I didn't mean that.  Please don't get mad.  But, yeah, I need to get out.

6.  Make some plans with LB.  I miss my best friend.  I miss the extension of the non-mom side of me.  I need to make time for this.

7.  Go fabric shopping.  I've got aprons and clothes and animals and orders to make!  What am I doing?!  Winter lull is not for those who actually have things to do.  Must shake this.

8.  Paint my sad book shelves.  Ya know, those el cheapo book shelves you can get at Wal-mart for, like, $30?  Yeah that's what I'm working with.  But with a coat of fun paint and maybe some decoupage on the shelf back, they could be more tolerable.  I'd like to take some of my dark furniture and lighten it up.  I have a brown leather couch, and I don't plan on painting it because that's stupid, but maybe some simple, bright throw pillows.  Joe's going to love more throw pillows!

9.  Frame and hang more pictures!  I want the walls covered.  But I should paint all of my frames I think.  Different shades of white and pale yellow maybe?  I'd like to brighten the whole house a little.  It's a small house so a little brightness might open it up more.

10.  Actually CLEAN, clean the house.  Not just spot clean.  If I could really focus on one room a day, while the kids were napping or in their play room.  That would be ideal.  Spot cleaning isn't cutting it.  I need bleach and magic erasers. 

11.  Make the kids play room a little more lively.  My dad sent me this photo today:

I'd love to do something like this on the wall to go along with the hot air balloon painting I have hanging up in the room already.  The walls are green in the play room, but I have some ideas about how to make this happen.  Maybe add some chalk board painted squares too for when the kids get ready to draw. 

12.  Organize my closet.  I wish I weren't known by my friends and family for creating "the pile" all the time, but, sadly, I am.  It's pretty terrible.  Must. Stop.

13.  Feed the kids some  lunch and put them down for a nap because judging by their fussiness, it's that time.



  1. that's a big to do list for two weeks!!
    but i'm liking it! :)

  2. i'll have you know ive gotten 4 out of 13 things done, lady.

    im so doomed.

    a girl can dream!

  3. That's amazing! I need to dye my hair, too...bought the dye just haven't done it yet. oh and ps. i love those hot air balloons!

  4. hair dye is one of the four things i've done. it was pretty tricky because i decided it would be a great idea to dye my hair after i put the kids down for a nap. they take one big 2-3 hour nap now so that was plenty of time. and OF COURSE davey woke up while i was putting the dye in my hair. i had to rush to finish and pray that he fell back asleep by the time i had to wash the stuff out. he did. the universe is always pullin pranks with me.

    oh hey, i responded to your comment on the "perspective" post. i hope you'll have a chance to read it. you're a super mom.

  5. Why do I feel like months from now, I am going to read this EXACT post on my wife's blog...