Monday, January 17, 2011

I did it!/Good hair day

Whatever.  I know I look like one of THOSE people for putting these pictures up.  But I don't get out of my house much, I'm usually coated in food/drool/other baby disgustingness.  It's taken it's toll on me long enough.  As I've mentioned before, my resolution was to make my horribly low self esteem,  feel better.  I've lost my baby weight (took a little longer than I expected but there may have been some stress eating in the beginning there).  I'm a size 4-6, I'm 140lbs., and I feel like I have every right to celebrate that.  Because I was 175 when I was preg.  And only 10 pounds of that left my body after I had the babies.  So, I should be proud.  Also, I really like my hair today.  So much so that I got dressed, put on my new flats from Target, and took the kids to Wal-mart.  Oh yeah.  I do it up big. 

Seriously.  Whatever.

(Oh and I can't smile in pictures I take of myself if I want to look, ya know, super cool.)


  1. you're so pretty. And go you for focusing on yourself...really. It's so important not only for you but those around you. That's what I say.

  2. thanks carey! like i said, i don't get out much AT ALL. id say 90% of my week is spent at my house. and with the weather that means it's spent INSIDE of my house. it can get depressing. so taking a cue from one of my favorite blogs,, i'm pulling myself up by putting on make up, getting dressed in clothes that make me feel good, and celebrating feeling good about myself. i strongly encourage everyone too. AND i'm working on my self esteem not just for me, but so that i can teach charlie to do the same. thats super important to me.

  3. really really good hair day. jealous.

  4. rach - whatevs. go look at your pretty hair. it will cure all jealousy.

  5. As I would tell Carey, it's GREAT to high five yourself (often)

    I obviously don't worry so much about losing 'baby weight' because, well... I'm a guy and my weight fluctuates 30-40lbs/year but the reality is, I know how hard Carey had to work to lose weight this past year and as much as I may 'taunt' her for being so focused about how much weight she puts on during her pregnancy, the reality is, I think she's doing fantastic and, like you, when all is said and done, I seriously HOPE she finds it in herself to make pretty, take pictures and hit the town. I suppose I could help by saying, "wow. You look fantastic."

    Same goes for you, lady. "wow. You look fantastic."

    I may, one day, learn to feel pretty but I find myself most comfortable in jeans and a plaid shirt. This summer, however, I have plans to sport some overalls.

  6. nathan! my joe sports overalls like it aint no thang! seriously. sometimes i have to remind him that a dinner date requires something other than overalls. but he loves them in the winter. they're his lounge clothes.

    i lost about 20 pounds before i found out the babies were coming so i certainly understand carey's concerns. your metabolism slows down after child birth so it IS hard work. harder than before. but its not impossible work. and really, i think it'll be easier than she knows because she'll be trying to set an example for healthy eating for baby girl which will make dieting a cinch.

    i say be comfortable in that plaid and jeans. im in plaid RIGHT NOW. and im super comfortable.

    ok but seriously you guys won't answer me, are you staying at home with baby girl?

  7. hahah.
    re. staying home with the little lady. I didn't know you had asked!

    Although nothing is final, we are in discussion about the financial implications of staying home vs. daycare (plus, the idea of daycare still makes me cringe)

    Carey has three months of maternity leave. Good. I, currently, DO NOT bring home the bacon. Not so good. BUT... this does raise the question, if the limited hours I currently work while going to class at night would only cover daycare costs anyhow, why not simply stay home.

    With that being said, it would give us another few months of 'stay-at-home' parenting until we would REALLY need to figure something out.

    The best part about 'figuring out where the money will come from' is it has always inspired me to create! The simple answer is Carey and I need to crank up the Etsy shop. Come closer to spring I'll be adding birdhouses, squirrel feeders, bee houses, possibly custom silhouette cutting boards and all sorts of other fancy stuff!