Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here Comes Your Man

Maybe it's the new job and all this time we have to spend apart, but sakes alive!  Joe and I have been on this great streak of happy days together.  That sounds like we never had them before.  We certainly did.  We're married, duh!  We must have had happy days, at least that one time.  But with two babies it's easy to get tense and forget to breathe.  Who knew breathing was a skill you could actually forget?!  Yikes.  We get right up under each others feet and being tired from the circus makes it really hard to not just want to go straight to bed, no talking, lets just pass out right now, as soon as the birds are down. 

This new job offers a new schedule for Joe and gives me time to run the show at home so I can feel like I'm actually contributing.  So I feel better.  And I've got the kids on a routine (though, truthfully, it's a pretty lax routine.  Outside of bedtime, anything is subject to change.).  And when dad gets home we're all so happy to see him and I'm ready to sit next to him and hear about his day and make him dinner.  OMG we are SOOOO Norman Rockwell, yall.  Gross.  Well not to me...

I've had this song stuck in my head every day that he's walked in the door since the new job started.  I romanticize my life sometimes.  Is that wrong?  Um, doubtful.  Get romantic, son!

Theme song!  Seriously I love this man...

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