Thursday, January 20, 2011


Pardon me while I nerd out 70's style, but I am fascinated by terrariums as of late.  And I have this strong hope that at least one, if not both, of my kids will find these to be awesome as well.  I think they are nothing short of magical. 

I think the fascination started when I went to an art opening for my cousin, Tim Crowder, and he'd done a few pieces featuring miniature houses and pipes and other things, in these mason jars.  They included moss and were definitely of the terrarium persuasion.  I wanted to fill my whole house with them.  They've been stuck in my brain for years, and it would seem terrariums in general, are making a bit of a comeback.  I keep reading stories about them on other blogs or see them featured in magazines.  And this past Sunday, CBS's Sunday Morning did a feature on them:

(By the way, does anyone remember when Serena Altschul was a correspondent for MTV news?  I thought she was so cool, with her super short blonde hair and her "I hate most of you people watching MTV" attitude.  Man she was too rad...)

I called my dad as soon as I saw this piece and told him this year I wanted to start making some wood framed, boxed terrariums.  I'd like to put little figurines inside of them too.  Maybe make hanging terrariums.  I'd love to have them in the kitchen.  Or along the walls of the hallway.  I just love the idea of this tiny little ecosystem contained in this pretty, glass space.

Thanks Twig for some further inspiration:

Les do dis.


  1. I made one last year! It was so pretty, but I stink at caring for plants, so it eventually bit the dust. It was pretty while it lasted though. I'm not done trying either.

  2. we talk every day. sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. how did i now know this? did you tell it to me while i was watching tv? you know i tune you out when anything remotely good is on...

  3. There are pictures of it on Facebook when I made it in February. I actually finally got rid of it right before you came here.