Friday, January 21, 2011


Thats what I am today.  I'm SO tired.  We use a lot of white noise in our small house to make sure the kids aren't disturbed when they go to sleep.  Each kid has a fan in their room, a humidifier, and then there's a big fan in the hallway between their doors.  Around 3am, this morning, the power starts cutting off and on for about 20 minutes.  And it's pretty noticeable when the sounds start and stop.  This jolted Charlie out of sleep and it was pretty much impossible to get her back to bed.  Hopefully the kids will take a fat nap around 10.  And so will mommy!  Wewt!

I know.  I'm disgraceful.  But I 100% phoned it in this morning with breakfast:

Cereal suicide anyone???

I'm sorry, babies.  I'll do better with lunch.

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