Friday, January 14, 2011

I love...

Breakfast time.  I love being in the kitchen with the kiddos.  I've had big dreams of making the kitchen a place we could all hang out, especially when they get a little older and can help me cook.  Have you seen those Rice Crispy Treat commercials with the mom and her little girls make rice crispy treat wands?  It's so sweet.  That's what I picture.  Except, ya know, Davey isn't a girl.  His can be a sorcerers wand.  Yeah.

Right now the kids like getting in the cabinets and pulling out bowls and measuring cups.  Any and all contents of the cabinet, really.  It's wonderful to have these two reminders of what real joy is.  It's so simple.  It's banging a bowl on the ground and thinking the sound is funny.  It's loving the bright colors in the kitchen and getting to go on the other side of the baby gate to have a real adventure in the cabinets. 

They make every day so happy:

I also love this:

All the time.  One sock is lost to the wind.  As much as I hate baby socks (it takes one round of laundry for baby socks to get lost forever), I love when this happens.  It's too cute.  Plus, with it being winter time, I miss seeing those chubby toes!  BABY FEEEEETS!

Finally, I leave you with this video of the bay bays talking and being awesome.  By the way, if anyone can help me figure out how t h to rotate a video on blogger, I'd be truly grateful for your advice.  In the meantime, I dunno, just tilt your head to the left.


  1. wow. our kids need to be besties! i'm gonna ask E what Charlie is saying. you better watch out - you could bust somebody up with all that cuteness!

  2. in love! Kitchen toys are the awesomest!

  3. love to you nik

    sarah, why aren't our kids besties yet? ridic. oh wait, i know why! because if we put little lizzy in with charlie and davey, the world would implode from cuteness overload. duh-uh!

    carey, kitchens in general are the awesomest. i bet little girl will spend a lot of time in yalls!

  4. Wow, they are SOOO cute! My twins used to play in the kitchen a lot when they were babies - and they still love to use kitchen utensils for whatever game they are playing!

  5. aw thanks! i hope they always want to stay in the kitchen. it really is my dream. i need to start putting some chalkboard paint up on our laundry room doors so they can have a drawing space.

    by the way, i sure wish i'd known about your site about a year ago! we had a friend of the family donate a tandem stroller for us and it's worked out fine. but still, having a resource would've been great! thanks for having it available to others!

  6. Okay so one of the things (besides adorable kids) that I love about each of your videos is the fact that in the background I can ALWAYS hear music.

    In my house, my dad was never really fond of 'excess noise' (which often included music) but when it was only my mom in the house, she would often play Simon & Garfunkle, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Madonna etc. and I think Carey and I need to make it a point to finally get a working stereo/CD/iPod player for the house.

    Being that all our music is stored in a side room on my computer, playing music is often overlooked.

  7. Ok, you have officially made me embrace the fact that I will probably have twins. Gah! Your two are cute. Also, I remember playing in my parents' kitchen when we lived in Alabama and when we first moved to Memphis. Maybe that's why I like to eat so much now: so many of my earliest memories are in and around a kitchen!