Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love (pt. 2,3,4...)

-That we're having one of the first sunny days (and a warming trend, lower 60's!) this whole winter.  I can open the curtains in the play room and let the sun work its magic!

-That the kids LOVE playing under the crib.  It's their clubhouse.  I'm not allowed.

-This face.

-Good gravy, and this face.

-The height difference.  All of their differences.  They are their own people.  And best friends.

I love today.


  1. After yesterday, you should be treated to a happy day. And a trophy.

    Enjoy the sunshine! And those precious children!!

  2. sarah - thats EXACTLY how i feel. i thought today might still be a little rough as a means of getting back at me for the endless torture i put them through. but they arent torturing me! what?! kids. so awesome.