Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is MY day...

What am I going to do with it?  Well it's already 4pm and I haven't done much.  I need to buy fabric before I can really do anything work related.  The holidays and the snow have put a big damper on any fabric shopping as of late, though.  I'm thinking next weekend.  Yeah, I'll go then.

For now, however, I don't have fabric to work with so I guess I can't do too much.  And really that works just fine.  I haven't had a mommy day in awhile.  It's pretty nice.  Though I do miss my family.  They'll be home in a couple of hours.  CRAP!  A couple of hours?  I only have a little while longer to veg out.

I wanted to clean and organize...maybe start a few projects around the house...but it's cold and cloudy and I woke up sick this morning and I'm still in my pj's.  I just don't have the drive.  It's been a long week.  A good week, but a long one.  I think I will give my self permission to continue to be useless.  Though I will change out of pj's and put some make up on because I really want to stay married.  And my husband would have every right to leave me if he saw me right now.

I did work on one little project.  It's one I'd already started, but I finished it up.  I'm going to bring several of these over to Squared this week so they can be out in time for Valentine's.

I tried really hard not to get my face in this picture.  I have a scratch on my cheek from a Charlie claw.  She was really excited about snack time.  Too excited if you ask me.  My face suffers for their happiness.

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  1. i know you're going to tell me to shut up, but i'm not gonna.
    you're real pretty.
    k, that's it.